Gigas “front plant” for telcos with flexible fiber and private connectivity to the cloud for SMEs

Gigas “front plant” for telcos with flexible fiber and private connectivity to the cloud for SMEs
Gigas “front plant” for telcos with flexible fiber and private connectivity to the cloud for SMEs

Gigas Hostingthe Spanish multinational specialized in providing convergent telecommunications, cybersecurity and cloud services for companies, offers Flexible Fiber and Private Cloud Connecttwo innovative and pioneering solutions in the Spanish market, especially aimed at supporting and promoting the digital transformation of SMEs.

With Flexible Fiber and Private Cloud Connect, Gigas offers SMEs the versatility, reliability and security that no other provider offers this type of company, and thanks to these solutions, they can improve and optimize the security and availability of your data, as well as the connectivity of your business.

The current market for digital solutions and services tends to offer solutions aimed at large companies, leaving SMEs with less capacity to access them, either due to complexity or price. SMEs need digital services related to data and the cloud and continuous service and customer care tailored to them. Thus, with an expandable fiber in pay-per-use mode, Gigas offers the advantage of having a single provider of integrated telecommunications, cloud and cybersecurity serviceswhich means significant money savings for all companies through an innovative solution.

Fibra Flexible is a pioneering connectivity solution in the Spanish market, which allows customers to expand the bandwidth of their fiber connection (that is, its speed) when they need it and for as long as they need, paying for that increase. of speed, such as “pay per use”, he assured Big Head Diego, CEO and co-founder of Gigas. “The fact that we are a cloud-native company allows us to offer innovative, market-first telecommunications services that bring the inherent flexibility of the cloud, such as our Private Cloud Connect, to the world of telecommunications.” has added.

Flexible fiber: pay only for what is needed

The Gigas connectivity solution flexible fiber is the first, and at the moment the only one in the Spanish market, that allows businesses to cover both their usual needs and traffic peaks, by being able to increase the dedicated FTTH bandwidth on a timely basis, at any time and only for the time necessary .

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With “pay per use” the efficiency of cloud solutions is optimized with significant economic savings. By managing the fiber flow, the excess band is paid only for the hours that it will be used. SMEs can thus count on a functional and highly efficient option of expanded and more powerful connectivity, adapted to their dynamic and changing activity.

With Flexible Fiber, small and medium-sized companies shorten information transfer times if, for example, they have to carry out a backup newspaper, launch a campaign punctual marketing or simply if they have a server farm on their LAN. All this with technical attention and support on a 24/7 basis, ready to help customers with the close and human treatment that characterizes Gigas and that responds to Gigas’s maxim of Peace of mind as a service.

Private Cloud Connect: secure data with full availability

The service Private Cloud Connectionyou It is also a pioneer in Spain and allows a dedicated fiber connection between the servers in our client’s offices and the cloud services that are hosted in the Gigas cloud, without going through the Internet.

Between the advantage offered by the dedicated connection Private Cloud Connect are the greater securitysince it is a dedicated point-to-point fiber circuit that is not exposed to external attacks or data capture, the minimal latencythe maximum savings, ease of operations by not needing VPNs, and integration for hybrid cloud environments.

Private Cloud Connect is especially useful for services such as backup and contingencyas it allows you to restore a backup in minutes, with a secure connection avoiding access to the Internet. It also facilitates the System Administration by the accredited team of each company, and the redundancy, allowing to create connected backup mirror infrastructures. It also supposes, like the Flexible Fiber, a great advantage in the data migrations.

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Gigas takes into account that SMEs, in general, have different needs from those of large companies. Their teams are not as large or they are not trained in all areas (IT, for example) and their structures are often more stressed, so an additional workload can be very expensive.

The innovation that Gigas proposes with its solutions focuses on medium-sized companies and, without a doubt, represents an important improvement for this business sector and its technological development.

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