Galuccio was awarded the ADE Award for his contribution to the development of the national energy industry

Galuccio was awarded the ADE Award for his contribution to the development of the national energy industry

Miguel Galuccio

Michael Galuccio.

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Galuccio explained that โ€œin just four years, Vista has increased its production by more than one 83% Our goal is to continue to grow. By 2022 we expect production close to 47,000 barrels of oil Equivalent per day, adjusted EBITDA of 750 million dollars and investments for 500 million dollars. Our growth has been steady and Today we are the third largest oil producer in the country and the second largest shale oil producer Vaca Muerta“.

โ€œWe set out to be heroes energy transmission. We publicly announced our goal to become a company net zero by 2026. How will we do it? First, by reducing part of the emissions intensity of our operations, and second, offsetting the rest by using nature to remove carbon.โ€

Miguel Galuccio

Regarding environmental initiatives, the entrepreneur said โ€œAt Vista, we are developing our own initiatives Nature-Based Solutions Package. These initiatives are those that have the greatest impact on decarbonizing the economy towards 2050, because it is more efficient and easily scalable. has one of Low carbon costs And Argentina has a high potential for this type of project because of its biodiversity that can allow us to generate Special carbon credits“.

โ€œAt Vista, we advance on projects that include Carbon sequestration by afforestation, reforestation and afforestationas well keep and the land management“, he added.

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We have the opportunity and possibilities to export a barrel of oil to the whole world carbon dioxide neutralโ€, he admitted. And he admitted that โ€œI trust us and the country, Energy is in the world and it is here to stay. Together with renewable energies, both oil and gas, are two resources that will continue to be essential and that Argentina can appreciate.โ€

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“My message from optimism. We have problems like everyone else, but Argentina is full of opportunities. Our country is rich in talent and resources, and we have to take advantage of our leading role as leaders,โ€ Galuccio said.

Miguel Galuccio Vista

Together with Galuccio, they were also honored Darius Werthen (Frio Corporation), Ricky SarkanyAnd the Federico Trucco (Biocers), Matthew Salvato (asteroid) and Christian Kardashian (LiveMedia). This year, a special honor was given to the former National Representative, Graciela Fernandez Megidi.

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