FTX US Wins Battle to Acquire Voyager Digital Assets

FTX US Wins Battle to Acquire Voyager Digital Assets

The FTX ogre will finally have its way. After an initial unsuccessful bid, its US subsidiary has just won the bid to acquire the assets of Voyager Digital, which has been declared bankrupt.

FTX US wins bid to acquire assets of Voyager Digital

This is a case that has been going on for months and which may well have found its resolution. According to a press release from Voyager Digital, which has been in โ€œreorganizationโ€ bankruptcy since July 5, it was the offer of the FTX US crypto exchange that won the day for the buyout of the company’s assets.

[Lโ€™offre de FTX US] maximizes the value and minimizes the remaining duration of the restructuring of the company. It provides debtors with a clear path to achieve a Chapter 11 plan and return value to their customers and other creditors.

The bid amount is $1.422 billionwhich corresponds to the โ€œfairโ€ market value of Voyagerโ€™s crypto holdings estimated at $1.3 billion, plus a bonus of $111 million said to be โ€œadditional valueโ€.

While Binance seemed in recent days to hold the rope in the competition, so it is FTX US which was considered โ€œthe best alternative for stakeholdersโ€. A victory with a particular flavor when we remember that the giant’s first takeover proposal had been curtly rejected as ” low ballโ€œ.


Voyager Digital – Rejection of FTX’s offer “disguised as a rescue”

Hugh B. – 25 Jul 2022 – 09:56

Times of crisis are not necessarily bad for everyone. And […]


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In fact, the serious things will be able to begin after approval of the proposal with the courts and a vote of the creditors. A hearing on the matter is set for October 19.

Voyager Digital users will be able to recover part of their funds

If the press release gives few details on the sequence of events, it is likely that Voyager Digital customers, at the end of the process, will have the option of creating an account on FTX with an opening balance corresponding to a portion of the assets it held on the platform.

This was also according to the crypto lender, the principle of a bankruptcy under Chapter 11 which aims to โ€œreturn maximum value to customersโ€. The latter can therefore breathe a sigh of relief when since July they no longer had access to their funds when, following the collapse of the Terra Luna ecosystem which led to the fall of Three Arrows Capital to which Voyager was largely exposed , they found themselves to be the turkeys of the stuffing. Especially since they believed, according to the company’s misleading claims, be eligible for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance that protects cash deposits up to $250,000. However, this was deliberately obscuring the fact that the coverage excluded cash converted into stablecoins.

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