Ford is taking a big side step in the global transition to electric vehicles

Ford is taking a big side step in the global transition to electric vehicles

The oldest mass car maker in the world does not abandon the gasoline internal combustion engine yet.

stronghold (F) On Wednesday it revealed its seventh-generation Mustang sports car, which will largely have a lot of pistons and other moving parts that require oil, gasoline and sparks to make the wheels spin โ€” and make a lot of noise and carbon emissions while doing so.

This unusual move comes with the competition of Ford, General Motors (GM) She revealed her own plan to beat Tesla (TSLA) At her own game an electric car is $30,000 for everyone. It also came on the same day that President Joe Biden announced the first round of funding for an electric vehicle charging network across 35 states.

Both ads were announced at the 2022 Detroit Auto Show.

The contradictory decision also stands out for Ford, which despite selling gasoline-powered cars widely for more than 119 years, has been aggressive in adding more electric vehicles to its lineup. Ford executives have said they expect 40% of the company’s global sales to be all-electric by 2030.

You can’t just restart the EV

The Mustang has a long history of attracting drivers who still crave the loud V-8 noise, the thrill and the smell of accelerating โ€” something that is virtually impossible with an electric car โ€” Ford still sees a market for.

At the same time, it goes against the broader consensus that battery-powered vehicles are set to replace the 100-year-old internal combustion engine in the near future. California announced last month a controversial decision to take gas-powered vehicles off the road within 13 years, and Ford itself is seeking to push its dealerships to obtain “EV certification” by October 31.

The redesigned Mustang will go on sale as a 2024 model year and will offer new engine options, along with an overhauled interior with two curved screens that owners can customize. Pricing is expected to be revealed as soon as the release date.

Ford already has an electric SUV with the Mustang badge – the Mustang Mach E. The company ventured into slinging the pony car name on the all-electric model when it went on sale in late 2020, but so far, the Mach-E has performed well with consumers.

It’s still a muscle car market

Ford last year sold 52,400 Mustangs in the United States, down about 57% from 2015, when sales of that model last peaked, according to the company’s sales reports.

Ford certainly isn’t alone in still seeing demand and a market for powerful cars. This summer, Dodge showed off a new concept for a powerful car expected to replace the Challenger and Charger, which will be discontinued after the end of next year.

It’s also loud screeching noises that sound just like a muscle car, but without the gasoline engine under the hood: the car is also an EV, and the exhaust tone is fully simulated.

The automaker said the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT offers a glimpse into the brand’s electric future with a car that drives like Dodge, looks like Dodge and looks like Dodge.


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