Flexy: the rental app that reduces costs by up to 60%

Flexy: the rental app that reduces costs by up to 60%

Journalist: So how is it different from the more popular rental search sites?

Lautaro Reynoso: In that those sites have a phone book format. You filter according to your needs, you get results (which most of the time lack optimal information, especially photographic material) and you get a contact.

We propose an integrated model where the user has to perform the least number of steps from searching for a home to terminating the contract. By the way, the contract is 100% digital, and both the owner and the tenant sign within the platform.

In addition to uploading and searching, we offer Trust Fund, a rental guarantee service owned by Grupo Delsud, to make things easier for those without income or property level requirements.

On the other hand, the user can pay the expenses within the same platform, when it is a contract between individuals. Throughout the process, query cards can be generated for the support team, with personal attention.

Nor the fact that costs have been reduced by at least 60% compared to traditional rental. No deposit or a month up front, no discretionary fees, and no administrative steps that can’t solve the advantages of a digital system, like the one applied by banks and other institutions.

Q: Since you mentioned individuals, how do real estate agents fit into the scheme?

LR: It would be foolish to underestimate real estate companies, which is why they are also on the platform. We believe that one thing does not remove the other; We allow facilities in achieving agreements between individuals, but at the same time provide tools that add value to more traditional proposals.

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Flexy has its own CRM, where they can manage contracts, payments, and posts from the same place. In addition, they can open direct contact tickets with the tenants, making the entire process completely digital.


Q: So far we are talking about the tenant. How is the experience designed for the owner?

LR: Operationally, they are similar to market-type platforms. An account is created from personal data, a description of the property is uploaded, and then audio-visual materials. This is a point that is important to highlight, we focus a lot on the uploaded photos and videos, which should be of high quality, and give a complete impression of the place. Then you are asked to upload the title deed and choose the post type and that’s it, you are online.

As soon as someone chooses to rent their property, they receive an email asking to sign the digital contract. From there, you can start taking rent from the same platform, knowing that if the tenant doesn’t meet the requirements, the trust fund guarantee covers them.

Q: What are the prospects for the future of Flexy?

LR: Unlike other startups, we first want to strengthen the national market, being present in 24 provinces. Each country has its own characteristics when it comes to rentals, so as much experience accumulated and operational capability as possible will be necessary to make the leap in Latin America.

also talk with Francisco Villa Basualdo is CEO and Founder of Grupo Delsudthe company behind the development of Flexi

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Journalist: What can you tell us about Grupo Delsud and its participation in the project?

Francisco Villa Basualdo: We are very pleased to embark on this project, which we estimate that in October the application will be ready to be published to the public. Today we progress from the web format, and finalize the details for launch.

It seems necessary for us to respond to a market as large as rentals, covering not only the world of tenants, but also taking into account the needs of the owners. We want the process to be as convenient and fast as possible for both parties, as we have developed a suite of tools that Flexy provides.

Q: What is it like to jump from real estate development to proptech?

FVB: It’s the natural jump. Operations are digital, it is a matter of integrating them and providing a simple solution for everyone. This is what we work for, in line with what we do at other group companies.

Also in this sense, we will soon be launching Elal Venture, the first venture capital in La Plata. From there we will encourage startups that base their activity on the life sciences, but at the same time focus on innovative ideas in other areas that require funding and business structure.

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