Fiscal Dollar Accelerates Rally and Gap with Official Returns Exceeding 100%

Fiscal Dollar Accelerates Rally and Gap with Official Returns Exceeding 100%

At the same time, the USD MEP -Also with Global Estimate 2030- jumped 2.2% or $5.98 to $281.43. And so the spread arrives with the officer 96.5%.

Meanwhile, in the informal market, Blue dollar drops from $1 to $276 on sale, according to Field survey On the black market for coins. In fact, the gap with the official dollar up 92.8%.

Inflation jumped to 7% in August, although slower than in July, when it reached its highest level in 20 years (7.4%). Meanwhile, it has accumulated in the past 12 months an increase of 78.5%, the highest in three decades, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) on Wednesday. Moreover, the cumulative inflation rate in the first eight months of the year was 56.4%.

Meanwhile, the government plans to add about $5,000 million to reserves in September, mainly from agricultural soybean exporters, for which it recognizes 200 pesos to every dollar against about 143 of the official exchange rate.

Bank of Bahrain and Croatia just added about $180 million to its reserves on Tuesday, after increasing them by nearly $1,395 million since last week.

Since the soybean exchange policy came into effect on September 5th, BBK’s reserves jumped from about $36,573 million to $37,757 million the previous day.

The agricultural sector was marketed in seven days with 15.2% of the 2021/202 soybean crop, which amounted to 44 million tons, After the government implemented a more favorable exchange rate for grain sales during September, the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR) said Wednesday.

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โ€œThe cost of the current ‘soybean dollar’ at 200 pesos is very expensive due to the difference compared to the official exchange rate, representing a real hash of the exchange. To avoid losing other reserves, there will certainly be more obstacles to the so-called ‘tourism dollar’ and raising prices”, Confirmed an analyst of the foreign bank.

official dollar

dollar today – no tax- Offering 20 Cents Thursday, September 15th for $149.81 on sale, According to the average generated by the banks of the domestic financial system. In the Meanwhile, Banco Naciรณn is working on its retail invoice unchanged at $149.

In addition, the dollar was saved Or Solidarity Dollars– which comprises 30% of COUNTRY TAX and 35% off discount from Income tax Based on Private propertyYou earn 33 cents Priced at $247.19.

In return, the tourist dollar or retail card plus country tax, and the perception of 45% to deduct from Income tax Based on Private propertyUp to 35 cents $262.17.

Finally, the wholesale dollarAnd the Directly regulated by the BCRA, It’s up 31 cents on Thursday a US $143.19.

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