Everything is ready for the tourist in addition to the dollar and soybeans under analysis

Everything is ready for the tourist in addition to the dollar and soybeans under analysis

Qatari dollar

Economy Minister Sergio Massa had lunch on Thursday with the leadership of the Argentine Industrial Confederation, who arrived with serious concerns and left “more quietly”.

In the face of the businessmen’s claim, Massa predicted what the next measures would be to solve the dollar shortage, high interest rates and record inflation, predicting there would be “two phases” in the macro economy before the elections.

Next Friday, a decision will be issued to improve the problems of imports and the “Qatari dollar is under analysis.”

soybean dollar

While the soybean dollar’s foreign currency continues to decline, the BCRA is regaining the reserves that are waiting for the “1-O” and suffers from the attack of the conservatives.

The dose of ibuprofen had an effect and three weeks later producers had sold 9 million tons, which meant liquidating more than $5.4 billion for exporters. Time has been bought up, and for now a major crisis has been averted.

The truth is that they are saying in the market that the mood has calmed after the ups and downs of the transition between GuzmΓ‘n, Patakis and Massa. But nothing else. With this is not enough.

Moreover, it appears that many dollars will not arrive, except for those from the Fund and the Islamic Development Bank, since Massa’s announcement of negotiations with international banks to provide “Repos” (loans to the BCRA in exchange for guarantee) came to nothing.

β€œThat’s why Sergio didn’t go to New York, even read Wall Street, because he had nothing to do or say. A former official commented, because banks demanded dollar bonds under foreign law and BBK didn’t have much.

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In the end, many bonds were needed for a few dollars, given the low parity rates of Argentine securities. Even more worrying now is the rate of inflation, because it has almost risen to the ceiling without significant devaluation or tariff increases.

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