Dollar Today: How Much Did It Close This Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Dollar Today: How Much Did It Close This Tuesday, September 27, 2022

“The monetary authority continues the process of accumulating reserves, with total purchases of approximately $3.97 billion, an amount that roughly justifies the net current year,” said Gustavo Quintana, operator of PR Corredores de Changes.

And he added: “The size of the soybean sector’s response to the stimuli implemented since the beginning of the month allowed the central bank to reverse the poor results in the first eight months of the year and bring the recovery of reserves closer to targets. Developed in time with FMYo”.

Meanwhile, the dollar rose today – without taxes – this Tuesday, September 27, 30 cents to $153.31 for saleaccording to the average shown from the banks of the local financial system. Meanwhile, at Banco Nación, a retail ticket earned 50 cents to $152.75 — no taxes.

In the parallel market, for its part, the The blue dollar jumps from $5 to $291according to a survey Domain In the caves of Buenos Aires the gap with the official increases to 98.5%.

It should be remembered that last week, the Monetary Authority ordered that companies selling soybeans through the Export Increase Program would no longer have access to buying stock in dollars -CCL or MEP- nor the so-called savings dollars. The measure does not include producers who sell soybeans but companies that sell soybeans.

Market analysts do not rule out greater pressure on dollars for tourism since October, a scheme similar to that applied to purchases abroad, with the end of the so-called soybean dollar.

“Minister (Economy) Sergio Massa confirmed the expiration of the “soy dollar” on September 30 (…) This mechanism has exceeded the expectations of the government and is on track to well exceed $ 6000 million this month, with a positive impact. On reserves of more than 4000 million “Delphos Investment reported.

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Dollar savings rate, Tuesday 27 September

The dollar I save Or Solidarity Dollars– which comprises 30% of the COUNTRY TAX and 35% off discount from Income tax Based on Private property– 35 cents rose $252.96.

The price of the tourist dollar, Tuesday, September 27

Tourism dollar or retail card plus country tax, realize 45% discount from Income tax Based on Private property– 53 cents rose Priced at $268.29. a) yes, The gap in blue is approximately $23.

Wholesale price in dollars, Tuesday 27 September

dollar wholesaleAnd the Directly regulated by the BCRA, 31 cents increase a $146.57 USD. The operating volume in the monetary sector amounted to 627,106 million US dollars

dollar exchange rate CCLTuesday, September 27

The Cash in Dollars with Settlement (CCL)– which works with Global 2030 – decreased by 1.7% to $306.86. This brings the gap with the official wholesale exchange rate to 109.8%.

Dollar price MEPTuesday, September 27

MEP dollar -value with 2030 global – He made 1.2% to $298.25. And so the deployment arrived with the officer 103.9%. Over the past week, the dollar value of the stock has accumulated an advance of $7.84, or 2.7%.

The price of the blue dollar, Tuesday 27 September

The blue dollar sells for $291according to Field survey On the black market for coins. Meanwhile, the gap with the official dollar is at 98.5%.

Crypto dollar price, Tuesday 27 September

Crypto Dollar or Bitcoin Dollar Gain 0.3% to $302.43, Based on average between local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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