Do Kwon returns to Twitter despite Interpol’s red notice

Do Kwon returns to Twitter despite Interpol’s red notice

Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs and network Terrareturned to Twitter, despite Interpol issuing a red notice against him, as confirmed yesterday by the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office’s financial and stock crime unit.

Source: Screenshot/Terra/YouTube

This notice is a high-level request to law enforcement officers around the world to “locate and provisionally arrest ‘Kwon’ pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action.”

According to the media YTNfive other Terraform executives, including the company’s chief financial officer, have also been added to Interpol’s red notice list.

But Kwon didn’t seem perturbed by these events and told his Twitter followers that he was “not hiding” and that he “regularly strolls through malls” – although he has no wanted to reveal his exact location.

He even appeared to play with his accusers, writing that “for something whose name carries an opinion”, Interpol “gives no opinion”. Indeed, a search for Kwon’s name in the Interpol database yields no results at the time of writing.

Kwon seemed in a jovial mood and shared jokes with his followers.

But things appear to be heating up for the CEO in his native South Korea.

The aforementioned outlet explained that prosecutors are โ€œfreezingโ€ crypto that โ€œallegedly belongs to Kwon.โ€ These cryptos are believed to be held on an unnamed “foreign” crypto exchange that is now “cooperating” with the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office, reports YTN.

Where is Do Kwon?

The bureau sought Interpol’s help last week after issuing its own arrest warrant for Kwon and the five other leaders earlier this month. Meanwhile, the South Korean Foreign Ministry is trying to cancel Kwon’s passport.

Prosecutors say Kwon “fleed” to Singapore in April, although police there said Kwon is no longer there. They also claimed it was “obvious” that Kwon was now “on the run”.

Prosecutors want to charge Kwon and his fellow executives with selling “unregistered securities” and violating capital market law.

These new elements seem to have caused some volatility in the LUNC market. After rising steadily during the early hours of the day (UTC), the value of the crypto has fallen sharply over the past 30-40 minutes.

Source: CryptoCompare

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