Disney World has a sinister answer to the epic global universe

Disney World has a sinister answer to the epic global universe

Universal Studios has become a credible competitor to Walt Disney (dis) In the park space when she added Harry Potter to her gardens. It wasn’t just Comcast (CMCSA) The theme park added top-notch intellectual property to the Adventure Islands theme park, and that was the way it was done.

When “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” first opened in 2010, it changed the theme park game. The themed land was not just a collection of rides, shops, and restaurants, but an immersive world that takes visitors to a completely different place. Fans of books and movies can literally experience the world they have read about, taking into account every detail.

Nothing in the first Harry Potter land, or its expansion of the original Universal Studios Florida theme park in 2014 was to the outside world. There were no Coca-Cola products or traditional bottled water, for example, even the drinks were taken to the wizard’s fantasy world.

The addition of these two areas forced Disney to change its strategy and start massive investments in the four Disney World theme parks. Harry Potter has made Universal Studios a contender for vacationers, and House of Mouse has risen to the challenge with the addition of “Pandora: The World of Avatar” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and “Toy Story Land” and “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” at Hollywood studios.

It was an escalating arms race as Disney captured Universal’s best shots and answered it well, until the Comcast-owned company announced its plans for its third theme park in Florida, Epic Universe.

Universal Building Disney’s Killer

Epic Universe will give Universal Studios three theme parks in its Florida complex along with Volcano Bay Water Park. This alone will help it compete with Disney as it gives it more attractions to accommodate multi-day customers. You can comfortably visit all the rides and attractions at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida in three days (two days if you really pay). The new theme park Universal will help make an argument for visitors that they should spend their entire vacation at its theme park complex rather than visiting for a day or two during a Disney trip.

Most importantly, the Epic Universe – a park that Comcast has talked about little about – will be a very modern park based on the lessons learned from the success of “Wizarding World.” The new park will feature an immersive Nintendo-style world that will use the same games as the company’s first Super Nintendo World in Japan.

Rumors and leaks also suggest that the Epic Universe will have another Harry Potter expansion (possibly the Ministry of Magic), and a land based on the monsters of the classic movie world (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, etc.). It’s a huge challenge for Disney, and Disney has been quiet about its plans to respond, but that changed when Josh Damaro, president of Disney Parks, took the stage at D23.

Disney may expand Disney World

Disney hasn’t hinted at adding a new park, but D’Amaro has raised the possibility of a major Magic Kingdom expansion as well as new plans for the Animal Kingdom.

“What we’re going to talk about next is an early approach to the creative process. This is what our visualizers call ‘blue sky.’ I want to be clear with everyone here – even though we’re not daydreaming. It’s important to me that you know that these are the things we’re going to talk about.” About her ā€” very real. It’s a very serious discussion with our teams about the future of our gardens and our experiences,” Damaro said, BlogMickey reported.

Following this introduction, D’Amaro and other Disney executives shared a number of ideas including the possibility of a major expansion of Disney World. Although no specific trips were pledged, the committee discussed in detail potential new territories designated for “Encanto” and “Coco”.

But the biggest surprise was just a short thrill. D’Amaro has officially indicated the existence of a land themed Disney villains. This was an idea that reverberated around a fifth portal in Disney World, but in this discussion it was clearly brought up as a possible expansion of the Magic Kingdom.

In addition, the commission also raised the possibility of adding lands under the “Moana” and “Zootopia” lands for the Animal Kingdom, with one potentially taking over the Dinoland USA area which currently has a large open area.

None of these projects have been officially announced, but it has been clarified that these ideas have moved beyond the dream stage to the development stage. This isn’t the same as starting construction, but it does indicate that Disney won’t allow the Epic Universe to open without putting its expansion plans into action.

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