Disney is looking for a lawyer specializing in crypto, NFTs and DeFi

Disney is looking for a lawyer specializing in crypto, NFTs and DeFi

The Disney Group intends to strengthen and accelerate its strategy relating to the integration of new technologies into its business model. Already involved in the ecosystem since 2021, it is getting down to business and seeking to hire a specialized lawyer in corporate law, non-fungible tokens (NFTS), DeFi, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. The objective is to continue its aggressive thrust in Web3.

Briefly recall that Disney is not at its first attempt. Indeed, in less than two years, various projects have been launched โ€“ or are still being considered โ€“ by their teams. For example, they created a first collection of NFTs on the VeVe platform in 2021.

Above all, Disney is working on a big project with the creation of its own metaverse. This is in order to offer a unique experience to park customers who will be able to test personalized interactive attractions based on augmented reality. And as part of this project, the group has recruited many specialists, including the executive Mike White to the position of senior vice-president of the Net Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences division so that he ” leads Disney’s efforts in the Metaverse. ยป In this context, one suspects that the recruited lawyer will have a lot of work ahead of him.

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Disney โ€“ A Cryptocurrency Lawyer

According to the announcement, Disney is looking for an attorney with at least five years of experience in corporate and transactions involving (in particular) cryptocurrencies and NFTs. And this so that he integrates the legal department of The Walt Disney Company in California. As such, he will be invested with various missions on various issues.

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Indeed, the announcement explains that he will have to provide legal advice ” on the complete life cycle of global NFTs products (โ€ฆ) and on issues related to NFTs and cryptocurrencies, including review of marketing and advertising disclosures and the assessment of securities law issues in connection with the promotion and sale of NFTsโ€. But also, ensuring the compliance of NFTs products with applicable U.S. and international laws and regulations. In addition to this, he will have to carry out due diligence on NFTs, blockchain, cloud provider projectsand conduct negotiations with other interlocutors.

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Admittedly, the announcement is rather enticing for any jurist or lawyer who seeks to fully enter this field. Fortunately for us, more and more companies (in the ecosystem) are arming themselves with individuals from the legal world!

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