Disney has a sneaky new way to get your attention

Disney has a sneaky new way to get your attention

For the second year in a row, Disney (dis) Parks will host 21 rising influencers at a special event known as Disney Creators’ Lab, which began this week and will run through mid-November.

This year will be the second year Disney has put it in the event after the successful inaugural run that began last year. The program’s goal of cultivating more direct relationships with influencers has proven to be a huge success in its first year, and now House of Mouse is looking to continue building its online network of creatives.

The whole idea started with the Disney Creators Emerging Disney Program. The program’s mission is to “identify, develop and amplify 20 emerging content creators”. The event will begin later this month, and will give creators access to virtual workshops and educational resources aimed at helping them build their brand and audience.

If influencers complete the course load, they will have to celebrate an all-expenses-paid trip to Walt Disney World, including a stay at the Walt Disney World resort and a ride on the Disney Cruise Line.

Last year’s celebration saw many opportunities for program participants to share unique and exciting views of their park experiences. Through courses and networking opportunities, many creators have been able to increase their exposure and learn new ways to improve their platforms.

Dom Corona, pictured below, was one of the artists invited to the 2021 celebration after years spent creating art inspired by his childhood trip to Disney. This summer it was announced that he’s officially joining Mouse as a Disney artist. Fans can now see his art throughout the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida.

For Disney parks, this move makes a lot of sense. As inflation drives families to cut corners when it comes to budgeting, getting a unique and personal look at the park from your favorite travel blogger or wheelchair-bound using TikToker can help encourage buyers to splurge on an unforgettable family vacation. This move also puts the Disney parks in a great position – having access to a string of diverse creators can be a great way to spread the news about new attractions, events, and more.

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Creators ‘Lab 2.0

After the success of last year’s event, Disney made some adjustments to the Creator Lab’s programming. First, it expanded the base of former creators of influencers who primarily focus on Disney properties. The list now includes some well-loved travel influencers, as well as a list that continues to respect diversity and inclusion.

Last year’s educational workshops were also limited to TikTok only, but this year panelists will interact with stars working with Google (The Google) YouTube shorts as well. Educational presentations will also include more time to interact with invited speakers, so attendees will have more time to ask questions about applying these lessons to their own brands.

When it comes to educational materials, presentations will include tips and tricks from some of the most successful influencers and CEOs that Disney can provide. From classes teaching influencers how to nurture their voice to running your own platform as a business, creators will take lessons from Disney Imagineers, costume designers, cinematographers, fellow influencers, and internet stars.

Disney’s creative pipeline is growing

For influencers, last year’s program has resulted in some great opportunities. Most of the attendees saw audience growth, with 20% seeing a new follower increase of over 30K followers. The program also helped Disney build a pool of creative talent that could easily source talent for licensing deals and other creative-focused jobs.

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This year, the program is more inclined to establish contacts with attendees. The event will also introduce creators to potential mentors, giving them a chance to mingle with other experienced influencers and Disney creators who are happy to share their experience with a delicious brunch.

Over the years, Disney has been a space for pioneering and diverse creators to tell new and beautiful stories that have a profound impact on viewers at home. Thanks to the Creator’s Lab, Disney Parks is investing in the next generation of talent – an investment that will surely pay off in the years to come.

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