Canada prepares for “historic” blow from Hurricane Fiona

Canada prepares for “historic” blow from Hurricane Fiona

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A swathe of Canada’s Atlantic coast is under hurricane warnings as Category 4 Hurricane Fiona continues to push north, with forecasters warning that the massive hurricane will be a “historic storm for eastern Canada” after leaving islands like Puerto Rico devastated.

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Fiona is located about 180 miles west of Bermuda with maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour, according to the National Hurricane Center, now maintaining its intensity for 48 hours.

Forecasters said hurricane conditions are likely to be in Bermuda for the next several hours before the storm thrusts into a path toward eastern Nova Scotia.

Hurricane warnings are in effect for much of the coast of Nova Scotia, from Hubbards to Brule, along with the province of Prince Edward Island and the west coast of Newfoundland from Parsons Pond to Francois.

Fiona isn’t technically expected to be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall in Nova Scotia on Saturday morning, having transformed into an extratropical system, but forecasts of winds of more than 100mph and torrential rain of up to 10 inches have caused Hurricane warnings. However.

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“Similar hurricanes of this nature have caused structural damage to buildings,” Canadian government meteorologists said in a statement. “Construction sites may be particularly at risk. The effects of wind are likely to be enhanced by foliage on trees, which could cause prolonged and widespread outages to facilities.”

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Electricity is still cut off to more than 60% of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona hit the island at the start of the week. Significant damage has also been reported in nearby areas such as the Dominican Republic and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The storm passed near Puerto Rico nearly five years to the day after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, causing damage from which many residents are still recovering. President Joe Biden said Thursday that he has authorized “100%” federal funding to cover the island’s storm response over the next month. At least seven people died as a result of the storm, including four in Puerto Rico.

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Tropical Depression Nine formed over the central Caribbean early Friday morning. The system calls for monitoring of US interests because long-term models suggest that it could threaten the Gulf Coast in the next week or so.

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No hurricane warnings were issued for US coastal areas this hurricane season.

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