Blue dollar: why the currency could resume rising this week

Blue dollar: why the currency could resume rising this week

In this context there are several questions. How long will the blue color continue without moving in the face of the dollar’s advance and inflation? Added to this, With the financial dollar rising and expectations that the blue will regain the bullish trend. Is the time limit appropriate? Or can it be “short” in a short time?. in Domain We consult with analysts.

Isaiah Marine economical from Ecoviews He stated that higher rates “have a greater impact in containing the gap.” “Part of the financial dollar’s movement is explained by the strong case derived from the central bank’s purchase of soybean dollars, but the expectation of some tightening or an uptick in the tourist dollar also created quite a stir. The latter, along with prohibiting access to official dollars or dealing in dollar securities for those who maintain energy subsidies, Which could increase the movement of the blue dollar in the coming days.โ€ Down payment.

โ€œBut in the short term, the investment cannot beat the conventional fixed term which is already yielding 6.2% per month, in line with the expected inflation for the coming months, and that has no disadvantages of UV fixed term. Although blue may look cheap Compared to the July peaks, it is important to remember that those were operating levels. The danger is that it jumps as we approach the World Cup. The saver has to put that into the balance, but at least today in term, he knows he can protect the value of his savings.โ€

Inflation pressures the dollar

The Economist Andres Richini in conversation with Domain, confirms that the new rate increase by the central bank is “trying to put the PF yield slightly higher than the expected CPI”. โ€œThe drawback is that we started the year with a forecast of around 40% inflation for 2022 and we are already talking about 100%, the central bank issued 12% of the monetary base in 9 wheels of soybeans in dollars to acquire $2. 155 million under this scheme and CCL rose by about 7 % per week to close around $300, which we can believe that the blue color will not last long in these values โ€‹โ€‹if this dynamic continues in the financial statements and even lower taking into account the new restrictions on exchange access and the total cost of ownership for the beneficiaries of the price support.โ€

According to the analyst, โ€œtraditional PF will yield 6.16% in 30 days, but we already know that if blue ‘wake up’ this yield can evaporate in a very short time. We don’t know if it will happen, but the ingredients are not available.”

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