Best Cryptos to Buy Now as LUNC Price Recovery Leaves Interim Buyers Behind

Best Cryptos to Buy Now as LUNC Price Recovery Leaves Interim Buyers Behind

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With the price of Terra Classic up 80% from its low today, many LUNC buyers missed the mark โ€“ what is the best crypto to buy right now?

The best cryptocurrency to buy now

One of the latest market reviews from leading cryptocurrency news publication, Cointelegraph, analyzes the โ€œinnovativeโ€ new cryptocurrency project Tamadoge.

The scholarship OKX is set to list the cryptocurrency game’s native token TAMA tomorrow, a listing that “could drive huge growth.”

The listing will take place first on OKX’s centralized exchange at 11:00 UTC, with the addition of a trading pair TAMA/USDT.

According CoinMarketCap, OKX is one of the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, regularly handling over $1.6 billion in daily trading volume. The exchange also has over 20 million registered users, which ensures that Tamadoge will have a massive audience of potential investors. Many market watchers believe this could be the catalyst Tamadoge needs to produce above-market returns, with some considering Tamadoge to be one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

As Cointelegraph points out, OKX also has a decentralized exchange (DEX) which is accessible to operators in all countries. This exchange will list Tamadoge on the same day at 17:00 UTC.

The account Twitter Tamadoge official released a tutorial on using OKX wallet and Web3 DEX for its 70,000 subscribers.

the YouTuber Jacob Bury, whose channel reviews the best cryptos to buy daily, also posted a beginner’s guide to OKX.

Cat Telegram of Tamadoge has now surpassed 56,000 members.

More than 25,000 investors took part in the presale of the token Tamadoge, which only lasted 55 days before it sold out, despite bitcoin’s price collapsing in the latter stages.

Tamadoge’s incredible pre-sale success has provided a solid foundation for future growth. The presale raised a total of 19 million Tether (USDT) for the project, which is even more impressive given the current โ€œcrypto winterโ€ and poor macro conditions. The game’s lead developer, Thomas Seabrook, has extensive experience in game design, having previously worked for top-tier entities, such as Voodoo, StarDigital, SketchJam and WMS.

Terra Classic vs. Tamadoge

For those who missed the spectacular price explosion of Terra Classic LUNC earlier today, Tamadoge Exchange Initial Offering (TAMA) might be one of the best cryptos to watch this week.

Apart from Terra Classic price volatility following LUNC burn news from CZ Binancecryptocurrency prices remained stable โ€“ but “all eyes will be on TAMA’s price in the coming weeks”.

Cointelegraph cites sources outside the crypto news industry, such as Yahoo Finance and Business2Communitywho also consider Tamadoge to be one of the best cryptos to invest in for the long term.

CT notices that after theIEO from Tamadoge tomorrow,” 2023 will likely be a breakthrough year for the project โ€œand that it could be the next cryptocurrency to explode โ€œin the coming weeks as demand continues to rise.โ€

Read the full review of what could be the best crypto to buy now at Cointelegraph.

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