Bankinter and CaixaBank share graph: Risk of falling in the short term

Bankinter and CaixaBank share graph: Risk of falling in the short term

Banks are being the protagonists of the year due to rate hikes; to the entities of IBEX 35in particular to Bankinter Y CaixaBankespecially benefiting from the rise in rates by the European Central Bank (ECB), but their positive prospects are being clouded by the shadow of recession.

On a technical level, Bankinter shows a hammer figure in Friday’s session, which has not been validated, according to Ramรณn Bermejo, market strategist. A bearish element would be to invalidate it, for which it must register a level of 5,817 euros. For now, in the middle session it rises 0.14% to 5.916 euros. In addition, if it registers a level of 5,805 euros, it has a risk of falling by just over 6%, to 5,520 euros.


You also have to watch the value because it was describing a head-shoulder figure and it has not exceeded the level of the right shoulder, so it is still within what could be a triple top figure or a bearish head-shoulder figure.

Also keep in mind that this week Bankinter pays a dividend to its shareholders:

Bankinter DividendBankinter Dividend
Bankinter Dividend

In the case of CaixaBank, “would be in a similar situation” and also shows that possibility of double maximum. She has a head to shoulder figure, she has not broken above the head level and if she closes below โ‚ฌ3,368 she is at double top risk and may continue to fall.


For Bankinterthe analyst consensus that follows the value gives it a buy advice and a target price of 6.68 euros, which represents a potential of almost 13% from current prices.

In the case of CaixaBankalso has a buy advice from analysts, who give it a target price of 3.96 euros, with a potential appreciation of almost 15%.

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