Audi says the popularity of electric cars is a challenge

Audi says the popularity of electric cars is a challenge

For Audi, listening comes naturally.

German car maker and Volkswagen (VWAGY) The name of the subsidiary literally means “listen” in Latin.

Audi was founded in 1910 by automobile pioneer August Horch, who was unable to name his second car company after himself due to a trademark infringement case.

What do I do? Well, you take the name “Horsch” which means “Listen!” Or “listen” in German and translated to “Audi,” the singular command form of “audire” – “to listen” – in Latin.

Leading role in electrification

Audi has traveled far since those early days, and now the Volkswagen subsidiary is steadily moving toward electrifying its fleet.

โ€œAudi has always played a leading role in the electric vehicle industry, and we will continue to invest in electric vehicles and you will see more products in the near future. The future is indeed,โ€ Daniel Wesland, president of Audi of America, said in an interview.

“We take it very seriously to make sure we protect the planet and the future of our children and grandchildren,” he added.

From 2026, every car offered by Audi will be completely electric, and in 2033, Audi will gradually stop producing the last models of internal combustion engines.

And with the arrival of the Q4 e-tron models, Audi said it now offers more all-electric car models in the US than any other automaker โ€” including Tesla. (TSLA) .

said Spencer Reeder, Director of Sustainability and Governmental Affairs.

The price of success

“It’s a good business decision because there is a huge demand and based on this product, but we made the decision as a brand before it was really clear how quickly demand was building,” he said.

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Weissland said dealers and customers alike are excited about the Q4 e-tron, but supply chain challenges are slowing things down.

“Our dealers love their cars, and customers love their cars,” he said. “We don’t have enough cars in the country yet, so our biggest challenge right now is to meet the demand for more cars in the country. We’ve seen some improvement in the supply chain, but it’s still going to be tough.”

“The unfortunate timing is that this just coincides with when we see this amazing growth in demand for electric cars,” Reeder said. “We’d love to be able to sell more, but I think Audi has positioned itself very well to create that demand for our product, so this is a really big success story. I think we’re all excited about what that means for the future of the brand.”

We are going our own way

However, Weissland said he was very confident that “together with our headquarters and with our suppliers, we’re managing it well and making sure we can bring as many customers into Audi electric cars as possible.”

Weissland said he admired and praised Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s accomplishments in creating an electric vehicle market.

โ€œThey basically disrupted the entire industry,โ€ he said. “I would say we were probably the first to follow, and so there are certain things we can learn from Tesla, but I think we’re going our own way. We have a strong dealer network which is essential to our business model and we have a strong product portfolio.”

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Electricity is “just a natural extension of its DNA,” Reeder said.

“I think it fits perfectly in the history of the brand, even going back to its origins,” he said. “That’s why you see Audi doing so well in electrification because we’ve always been pioneers in innovation, so it’s very consistent.”

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