Andor puts the rest of the Disney ‘Star Wars’ movies to shame

Andor puts the rest of the Disney ‘Star Wars’ movies to shame

At this point, even the most excited star Wars A fan may feel overwhelmed by Disney’s content assembly line; From Heavenly Rise to me boba fett bookthere is only nostalgia yet can hold the mean.

But Andor It differs – the show is a far cry from the usual reference-heavy Disney sermons, poorly written, and filled with Easter eggs to distract from the lack of substance.

Andor In fact it feels like it takes place in another world, an interesting place filled with modern and futuristic technology and disgruntled rebels; At some points, it almost looks like Blade RunnerA brave and grounded look at the lives of ordinary people who live under the guise of empire.

Disney has a penchant for placing prequels inside prequels, wrapped inside original stories, a never-ending pile of nesting dolls, full of backstory we never needed to know. But by working in reverse, telling the story of the rebels who secured the blueprints for the Death Star, and now telling Cassian Andor’s origin story, Disney has, in a way, created something that feels new.

Andor He begins by coldly killing Cassian (Diego Luna) two of the Empire’s brutal gangs; The killing is a far cry from the senseless carnage we’ve seen so many times in this franchise, where Stormtroopers are killed like flies (even by former recruits).

Cassian’s actions are framed as moral gray, and of great importance, which leads to a crackdown led by a young imperial officer, Cyril (Kyle Soler), who disobeys an order from his superior to allow it. Cyril seems genuinely disturbed by the two murders, out of principle, not reason, and soon finds a like-minded grunt, Sgt. Kostick (Alex Ferns) to lead the attack.

The relationship between the two is fascinating, because Cyril is very specific, but lacks experience, while Kostek is a hardened leader in battle and despises the vassals. The two are like two mall security men on a small energy trip, and they hold a terrifying amount of power – what could possibly go wrong?

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Cassian himself is a lovable mess, a far cry from a pure-hearted Jedi; He’s a rugged survivalist trying to extricate himself from the problems he’s still creating.

Planet Ferix is ​​filthy and industrial, the smell of despair (and fumes) in the air, the working-class planet is full of workers who have no reason to love Empire. It’s a beautifully realized world, a textured place that feels lively – and frankly, it’s a relief to get away from the fading sands of Tatooine.

AndorPolish stands in stark contrast to star Wars It appears before – why was it written Kenobi And the Boba Fett So on the nose, and why does the CGI scene look so unconvincing, the planets so lifeless?

in Andor، rogue one still intact; You can see the rusty nails holding these giant machines together, and get a sense of the sheer effort behind their construction.

It feels like an extension of that cruel and dangerous universe that we glimpsed in New hopefar from the smarter side of star Warswithout losing sight of the starry hope – there is no serious magic AndorBut there is resistance.

Like animation star Wars shorts, Visionsand to some extent, The MandalorianAnd the Andor Uses star Wars As a sandbox, rather than a marketing machine fueled by nostalgia, it is much more memorable.

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