‘Andor’ first impressions arrived on Disney Plus ahead of its release date

‘Andor’ first impressions arrived on Disney Plus ahead of its release date

Disney’s approach to Star Wars has some catch-up compared to the well-oiled machine that became the MCU, after a series of highs and lows in the movie, which quickly became highs and lows for Disney Plus as well.

Now, after The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, we have a completely different kind of series arriving on September 21, Andor.

I would never have thought that a story about that lonely guy from Rogue One would warrant an entire spin-off, however once the trailers started showing up, it sounded great. Now, early impressions come from those who have seen it, and they care about it.

The way this stuff works now is that critics will run a certain number of episodes, I think in this case it was four episodes, and then they’re allowed to post ideas on social media. But only social media, as official reviews, have a subsequent ban, which is why there is no such thing as a Rotten Tomatoes score yet.

However, these impressions from a wide range of critics gleam about what Andor does, a highly politically grounded series that makes Star Wars. Around Something. Very clearly this time.

Andor has caught the eye with its use of hands-on combos and effects, compared to the CG weight of many current Star Wars projects, including an entire city built for production.

Disney Plus took a big win with The Mandalorian, but Boba Fett’s book was a big draw, and it looks like Obi-Wan Kenobi has landed somewhere in the middle. Andor, from her voice, might be another win in the context of The Mandalorian, albeit one with a darker edge we found in Rogue One, which many would argue is the best of the new Star Wars movies, mostly free of Jedi and Sith struggles.

Unlike the MCU, Disney’s lineup of projects is a challenge because it spans generations throughout the history of Star Wars. Andor takes place near the start of A New Hope, after Kenobi, but long before the upcoming The Mandalorian and Ahsoka. Although when we first met Ahsoka, that was it Before Andor events. So, while some strings will connect, others won’t. Andor falls into a slot where it looks like it might not be one for many of the cameos, and past numbers we’ve seen in the likes of Rogue One themselves, but I’d rather you be interested in being good than give us another glimpse into Darth Vader or Celestial. And that seems to be the way we’re going.

Andour premiere on Wednesday next week. Stay tuned for the actual reviews to drop it.

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